TLC Twister Series Buzzbait Model #BB400 - White (F4)

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The TLC "Twister" Series buzzbaits are ready for awesome topwater lunker action! These buzzbaits offer great action and performance. The Twister Series buzzbaits are categorized based on noise and splash (based on blade setup) so you can choose what is best for your specific conditions. Includes Mustad hook. Multiple classifications available. The bait's classification can be found in the description in parentheses.

This model comes in a traditional white color pattern that has been a staple for anglers for many years. This F4 class buzzbait has a dual blade design which offers lots of splash and noise. Each blade rotates in opposite directions. 

Below is the classification list:

F5 - Our most splash and noise (F5 baits will have a clacker)

F4 - Lots of noise and splash

F3 - Medium to high noise and splash

F2 - Medium noise and splash

Multiple color patterns available