TLC Thumper II Bladed Jigs Model #BL209 - Silver Shad

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The TLC Thumper II Series Bladed Jigs have a new head design with realistic eyes, slightly different shape, and center of gravity. This provides a slightly different action than our original Thumper Bladed Jig.

Note: The blade slightly "ticks" the jig head for a little extra noise (you may notice some chips in paint when this occurs. This is normal). Additionally, the bait "darts" when ripping or increasing retrieve speed in quick, short bursts for a realistic, bait fish imitating action. Note: Works best at slow and moderate retrieve speeds.

These bladed jigs provide significant thumping vibration to attract the lunkers!  All Thumper II Bladed Jigs come with extra sharp Mustad hooks.

This silver shad color pattern includes a nickel blade. Includes our standard full length draped skirt.

Multiple color patterns available. 

3/8 - 4/0 hook

1/2 - 5/0 hook