TLC Lunker Series Spinnerbait - Model #SP402 - Chartreuse/White

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The "400" series TLC Lunker Series Spinnerbaits are our standard line of heavy wire (.040), deeper running spinnerbaits. These spinnerbaits have a minnow style head that is heavier than our "300" series, includes a red eye that bass cannot resist.  

Model #402 includes a double willow blade setup w/ #4 Willow (Nickel), #5 Willow (Brass), full-length draped style skirt, & a Chartreuse/White color pattern, which has been a staple for bass anglers for many years. This color pattern works in almost any lake!

Fish it as-is, or add a TLC Swimbait, TLC Lunker Minnow, or your other favorite trailer. 

Includes extra sharp Mustad hook, premium nickel blades. full silicone skirt, & top of the line premium ball bearing swivel. Includes multiple beads to ensure blade action is not inhibited. 

Sizes available:

3/4 - includes 5/0 hook